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                建研院檢測中心有限公司(以下簡稱“中心”)為國務院國有資產監督管理委員會下屬中央企業中國建筑科學研究院有限公司的全資子公司,其前身是中國建筑科學研究院建筑工程檢測中心,成立于 1989 年。中心擁有國家建筑工程質量檢驗檢測中心和國家化學建筑材料測試中心(建工測試部),是我國首批經政府授權的國家級檢驗檢測和分析測試機構。 

               中心主要開展建筑結構、地基基礎、橋梁隧道、綠色 建筑、建筑節能、建筑消防、建筑智能等建筑工程、 產品及材料的質量檢驗、司法鑒定、能力驗證、工程 質量風險評估、技術咨詢,建設工程質量檢測領域職 業教育培訓評價及職業技能等級培訓,以及《工程質量》 雜志編輯出版等工作。  

               中心致力于服務政府與社會,業務遍布全國及世界 各地,多次受國家政府部門委托,對國內外重大工 程和突發公共安全事故進行檢測、鑒定和調查,為 政府提供有力的技術支持。中心堅持以創新促發 展,積極關注國家科技發展戰略和行業發展動態, 不斷提升科技研發和創新能力。先后負責和參與 “十一五”“十二五”“十三五”“十四五”等國家 重大項目(課題),主編國家及行業標準 50 余項,獲 省部級以上科技獎勵 30 余項。

              中心致力于促進行業交流,引領行業發展,承擔著中 國合格評定國家認可委員會 (CNAS) 工程建設與建材專 業委員會、中國土木工程學會 (CCES) 工程質量分會、 中國工程建設標準化協會 (CECS) 檢測與試驗專業委員 會、中國計量測試學會室內環境及材料測試分會等學 協會分支機構的秘書處管理職能,為推動我國建筑工 程質量檢驗檢測領域發展做出了積極貢獻。

             中心秉承“科學、公正、準確、誠信”的質量方針, 致力于為客戶提供全面優質的成套技術服務,努力打 造成為全國建設檢測領域最全面、最專業、最受信賴 的權威檢測鑒定機構。

             CABR Testing Center Co.,Ltd (hereinafter referred to as the "Center" ) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China Academy of Building Research, a central enterprise under the state owned assets supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council. Its predecessor was the construction engineering testing center of China Academy of Building Research, which was established in 1989. The Center owns the National Center for Quality Inspection and Test of Building Engineering, and National Center for Test of Chemical Building Materials. It is our ?rst state-level analytical test institution.

             The Center mainly carries out quality inspection, judicial appraisal, capability verification, project quality risk assessment (TIS), technical consultation, vocational education and training evaluation and vocational skill level training in the ?eld of construction project quality inspection, such as building structure, foundation, bridge and tunnel, green building, building energy conservation, building ?re protection, building intelligence and other construction projects, products and materials. In addition, the Center is also responsible for publishing and issuing the journal of  Engineering Quality.

             The Center is committed to serving the government and society, and its business covers all over the country and around the world. It has been entrusted by national government departments for many times to detect, identify and investigate major projects and sudden public safety accidents at home and abroad, so as to provide strong technical support for the government. The center adheres to promoting development through innovation, actively pays attention to national science and technology development policies and the development of new technologies in the industry, continuously improve scienti?c and technological research and innovation capabilities. The Center has edited more than 50 national industry standards and won more than 30 provincial and ministerial science and technology awards. The Center has successively been responsible for and participated in national major projects or topics such as The 11th Five-Year Plan, The 12th Five-Year Plan, The 13th Five-Year Plan and The 14th Five-Year Plan.

             The Center also undertakes centralized management of other four national centers set up in the Academy. Furthermore, it actively develops training for testing techniques, promotes industry technology exchanges constantly, and leads the development of the industry.

             Adhering to the quality policy of "science, fairness, accuracy and honesty", the Center is committed to providing customers with comprehensive and high-quality complete sets of technical services. The Center's vision is to become one of the most comprehensive, professional, and trusted authorities of testing and appraisal for construction testing in China.



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